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Wedding souvenirs

Planning your big day? We know how hectic that can be.

We all know planning a wedding is not for the faint hearted (so, hats off to you). There’s the guest list, the venue, the food, the flowers, your wedding cake and the list goes on. If you’re still looking for wedding souvenirs, we’ve got eight that made the top of our list.

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  • 1

    This antique style key bottle opener is both classy and practical. (source)

    Key bottle opener

  • 2

    Everyone in Dubai goes traveling. You can never go wrong with luggage tags! (source)

    Wedding tag

  • 3

    Go DIY crazy with these mall bottles of olive oil + rosemary. (source)

    Olive oil and rosemary

  • 4

    Because you’ve finally found your perfect match! (source)


  • 5

    Your guests will love these maple soap bars. (source)

    Maple soap bars

  • 6

    These bottes of cold brew concentrate for iced coffee is bound to be a hit! (source)

    Cold brew

  • 7

    Mini honey jars for the win (source)

    Honey jars

  • 8

    Because we all love popcorn. (source)


Tell us which one you like best!

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